Katrin Coetzer

I love the way Katrin Coetzer evokes life's dream-like qualities in her paintings.


Farmer's Market inspiration

The summer youth program that I run is over and now I'm just wandering around the gardens by my lonesome to harvest what's left for the mobile markets on Saturdays. Concord grapes, yard long noodle beans, and potatoes are on the harvest lists these days. I'm also gearing up for some winter garden planning by attempting to follow a crop rotation while learning the Latin vegetable family names.



Sometimes, when I'm procrastinating, I go to cabinporn.com and long for the days of owning a secret beautiful cabin. 


Drawn the Road Again

This blog makes me want to adventure to the west with my man, a sketch pad, water colors, and a camera. I know it'll happen soon enough. 


Groundwork Somerville's Green Team

These teenagers, ages 14-19, live in Somerville and work at Groundwork. As people, they are inspiring, curious, and thoughtful. Whenever we bike around to the schoolyards to tend to our gardens and I see them communicating and working together to achieve a shared vision of food security in Somerville, my mind explodes with optimism and possibility. Thanks Green Team!



Another new medium for me: Leather! Trying to create the perfect functioning leather tote. Durable and chic. 

Pedal Power

Bike powered water pumps!
I've used this blog to highlight works of art that inspire in hopes to eventually post my own work. Truth is, no matter how much I talk about posting my own drawings it's not going to happen anytime soon because my energies are focused elsewhere. Mainly on sustainable design and education. So, in lieu of my own drawings, I'll post videos of the people I work with and designs that could be adopted for use on the urban farm I work on. Still a blog about inspiring works of art (and will continue to post illustrations and other musings) just a different direction.