Cambridge, MA
To the mountains!
Snowy Pines
Timmy and Mr. Bill
Before winter completely escapes us on the east coast (and I'm not trying to hold on to it by any means), here are some of my favorite moments of winter 2013/2014. All of these photos, aside from Cambridge, were taken in either Wisconsin or outside of Seattle. Check out more on instagram


Green Thoughts

Images found here!
Sick in bed today. Luckily my fever dreams are leaving me with visceral sensations of the sun's warmth and lush green summer days. 


Childhood Photos

My favorite pictures of my siblings and I are the ones of us being silly or crying, mostly because they seem to be honest and natural, or posed in the ways we wanted to pose. I wish we captured the imagination of our childhood in photo memories like these two artists who engage creatively with their children. One draws inspiration from her sleepy baby, and the other by letting his kid get weird on a road. 


Fantasy Dress

Just dreaming out loud. Found these Lauren de Zagazan dresses at Missmoss a while ago. 


Leather Lust

Back to my preoccupation with leather bags. I'm looking for the perfect easy design to create a leather bag with my brother sewing machine...again. (Because the first bags were practice pancakes...)


Katrin Coetzer

I love the way Katrin Coetzer evokes life's dream-like qualities in her paintings.


Farmer's Market inspiration

The summer youth program that I run is over and now I'm just wandering around the gardens by my lonesome to harvest what's left for the mobile markets on Saturdays. Concord grapes, yard long noodle beans, and potatoes are on the harvest lists these days. I'm also gearing up for some winter garden planning by attempting to follow a crop rotation while learning the Latin vegetable family names.